Cliff Murray

It is a beautiful Easter day in Anchorage. The sun is shining, and the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm, despite our record setting snow day (yesterday). We decided to pack up the dogs, grab the camera, and walk the dogs on the crust at Placer River.

On our way out we see Dahl Sheep (this is why we brought the camera, just in case) and then pass by this building (see picture to the right). I told my wife that we would have to stop on the way back home…boy am I glad we did.

The Turnagain Arm Pit BBQ is just outside Anchorage, in a place called Indian. It has a drive thru window, and about 7 or so tables for inside dining. That said, it looks like there will be plenty of outside seating once summer hits. The menu offers pulled pork, brisket, baby back ribs, St. Louis ribs, and a variety of sides. Every order comes with sides of very tasty baked beans and a vinegar based slaw.

I have actually been craving brisket, so I ordered some sliced brisket, while my wife ordered a brisket sandwich. We ordered fried pickles and fried okra to round out our meal.

The pickles and okra came first. The pickles are thin sliced, battered and then fried. The okra is cut in about 1/4 inch slices, battered and fried. They both come with a tasty dipping sauce that seems to be the perfect compliment. I had to hold myself back a bit, so that I could enjoy my brisket.

The brisket was delivered sliced, juicy, and delicious to our table. I can honestly say, that I have never had a better brisket. Words cannot describe how tender each slice was, or just how juicy. I was over whelmed. It would have been perfect without any BBQ sauce, but the Turnagain Arm Pit has three house sauces: their original house BBQ sauce (excellent), a tangy Mustard Sauce (even better), and their new spicy BBQ sauce (perfect). I tried each sauce 2-3 times, and I was pleased with each, although the new spicy sauce was my favorite.

I have to say, that I was also very impressed with the beans and slaw that was served with the brisket. The beans are a special 6 bean recipe, packed with plenty of flavor. The slaw is a vinegar based slaw (no mayonnaise), which is a perfect accent to what could be a heavy meal. I think both compliment the BBQ very well. The beans deepen your BBQ flavor experience, while the slaw is light, and serves to cleanse your palate. These sides are perfect.

My hat is off to Pit Master Jack Goodsell (aka Goodsmell). I will be back.

Cliff Murray

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