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Locally Grown Alaskan Greens
Indian Valley Farm’s Living Lettuce Locally Grown Greens are hydroponically grown without preservatives or chemicals, and harvested daily from our very own indoor farm right here in Indian Alaska. 


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  • Options: 5 or 8 Plants Packages – Each week purchase 1 package (minimum) or multiple.
  • Lettuce: Assortment of Leafy Greens, Oak leaf, and Romaine
  • Hearty Greens: Kale, Swiss Chard, Collard Greens, Arugula,
  • Herbs: Cilantro, Basil, Parsley, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme – as available
  • Vegetables: Pok Choi, Radish

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  • Turnagain Arm Pit Anchorage Location
  • Powder Hound Ski Shop – Girdwood

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  • Freshest Lettuce In Alaska!
  • Handpicked Daily!
  • Non-GMO, Pesticide & Preservative Free!
  • From Our Farm To Your Table, Today!

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Caring For Your Living Lettuce

Indian Valley Farm’s leafy greens are sold with their roots still attached so they preserve freshness longer (usually 7-12 days) than conventionally grown greens. They are the freshest greens you can get in Alaska, picked and packaged daily, with no transportation or storage delay!


✅  Store with roots attached. Supply enough water, any potable source will do, to keep the bottom half of the root ball immersed. Check water levels daily, typically water 2-3x per week.

✅  Experiment with your environment – Lettuce will do well at room temp for up to 7 days, some prefer to refrigerate as soon as possible.

✅  Please do pre-clean surfaces being used to prepare leafy greens, then rinse plant on the root and let air dry before using or storing. This is best practice for all produce.

✅  Harvest outer leaves first. Check your leafy greens often and remove wilted or damaged leaves.


❌ Don’t refrigerate leafy greens while still wet, or even damp. Dry them well after rinsing prior to storage

❌ Don’t store leafy greens and other produce near any potential contaminants, such as raw meat, or near fruit or other produce as they produce a hormone, called ethylene, which hastens ripening.

❌ Don’t feel obligated to eat the whole plant in one meal. Our leafy greens are harvested at your will. Remove as many leaves as needed and return the remaining product to the fridge for future use.

❌ Don’t waste your leafy greens or other products. Add to fresh leaves to smoothies for added vitamins, favor, and texture, or try lettuce in your next stir fry!

Indian Valley Farm

About Us!

We love Alaska, BBQ and Greens! A long time ago we brought our love of Southern BBQ to Alaska by way of a little roadside stop along Alaska’s Turnagain Arm in Indian, Alaska. We called it Turnagain Armpit BBQ! Since then we’ve grown to two locations in Anchorage and Indian, AK.

Offering the highest quality product possible to our customers has always been our #1 goal and the secret to our success. We had one problem though… we had trouble getting fresh, quality greens, year round here in Anchorage.

So… we decided to do it ourselves! We invested in our very own indoor hydroponic farm right here in Indian, Alaska and got to work. Using non GMO organic seeds, all of our produce is grown pesticide and preservative free, with all natural nutrients, and nurtured from our very own delicious Indian water.

We so are proud and honored to serve a quality, healthy and sustainable source of greens, year round, to the community that made our dreams possible.

Freshly Picked From Our Farm To Your Family’s Plate – Come Taste the Indian Valley Farm Difference!

Stay Green Alaska,

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