Mouth Watering Pulled Pork

We buy only the freshest products and prepare all of our food when you order so you get the best taste and a consistently authentic Southern BBQ, even way up here on the northern frontier.

All of our meats are seasoned with our carefully crafted, delicately chosen rubs then 100% smoked in ole hickory smokers using Alaskan Alder. Because we purchase our meats as fresh as possible and we pull our pork fresh for every sandwich and never in bulk, you get moist and tender meat with that deep, subtle yet powerful smoky flavor. And that’s just the meat. Our beans are started fresh from scratch every night by our trained pitmasters. Using 6 beans, 17 spices, mouthwatering slices of beef and pork, and finished in the smoker, you get a powerful, flavorful, authentic smoky signature of authenticity with every single bite.

Try our brisket with classic BBQ bark, hand sliced fresh for every order so you get all of our quality Southern taste in a moist, melt-in-your-mouth bite. We are the home of the Boar Tide, and no, we don’t mean the powerful tide that can reach 40 feet, producing a wave up to 10 feet high. Aptly named for this unique act of nature, our Boar Tide sandwich is powerful, one-of-a-kind, and can pack a 10-foot punch in a single bite. Crafted by our pitmasters, this sandwich starts with a quality bun, layered with 1/3 lb. pulled pork, fresh off the pit and finished off with our savory bacon plank.

It’s ok. Mouth-watering is normal.

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